Yes, Trump Won, But Nil Desperandum

If the hysterical leftist media is to be believed, then a new wave of white supremacist racism has emerged in America and was the driving force behind Trump’s victory. That would be sad and disturbing if it were true. But there’s no evidence for a pre or post-election surge in racism, and the election data says otherwise too. More Blacks, Asians and Hispanics turned out for Trump than for Romney (the Republic party’s previous candidate) in 2012. And White support for Trump was lower than for Romney in 2012.

Liberals have chosen the least simple (and most dramatic and terrifying) explanation for Trump’s victory because it’s what they want to believe. If it’s true that Trump awoke a dormant beast of racism in American society, the inner racist in the average white American, then abandoning civilised political discourse seems necessary and abusing and threatening Trump supporters seems justifiable. Which is what many leftist are currently doing.

The more desperate one believes the times to be, the more uncivil and illiberal the measures one will feel comfortable resorting to.  Prompting leftists to behave in ways that, in years to come, many may feel ashamed of and even embarrassed about, is the unbearable pain of defeat coupled with the fear of a future under Trump.

There’s a simpler explanation for Trump’s victory and for what likely accounts for the bulk of his votes, one that requires far fewer assumptions about American voters. It is that the average American worker of every colour and creed, indifferent to Trump’s nationalism and protectionism rhetoric, bought into his vague promises to make them financially better off by removing government obstacles to earning a living, by cutting taxes and by radically reforming the disastrous Obamacare, the cost of which is rapidly rising for the average American. (Even the almighty Barack Obama cannot do the economic equivalent of walking on water and avoid the consequences of acting as if the law of supply and demand is sometimes not true). Whether Trump does these things or not only time will tell.

I suspect that what explains the minor part of Trump’s support is the simple ethical truth that violence, when used on a social scale with the intention of achieving social good, invariably leads to the opposite of the desired ends.

American Liberals and progressives have spent the last several decades trying to eradicate undesirable but non-rights-violating social behaviours, such as race discrimination, by making them illegal and by making laws that positively discriminate in favour of minorities.

Refusing to tolerate behaviours, which were previously tolerated but addressed through peaceful means, caused a build-up of social pressure that eventually found political release in the form of Trump. Who, when you think about it, is the perfect embodiment of everything modern liberalism says is evil and must be eradicated. He is an extremely rich entrepreneur and not ashamed of it, he’s xenophobic, he’s sexist, he’s nationalistic and he doesn’t speak politically correctly.

Trump is the terrifying political monster unintentionally created by generations of modern liberals and progressives intent on eliminating the little beasts in the common man, which they found too frightening to tolerate and thought could never be dealt with by peaceful means. Trump is the political correctness backlash. He’s blow-back. His alt-right support is the equal and opposite reaction to modern American liberalism over the last decades.

Let us not panic. Yes, Trump won, but that doesn’t mean America is full of latent racists. It’s not. And minorities needn’t fear being snatched from their beds and sent to Trump internment camps. Most people are still good people. This is still an accurate conception of the world we live in. Trump will attempt to control and plan American society to everyone’s betterment and he will fail. Just like every previous ruler. But society will go on and it will progress in every direction around government.

Good will win out as long as we, the people, keep enriching each other’s lives through capitalism and keep seeking the truth. And the beauty of this is that now, in the 21st century, there’s virtually nothing even the most politically powerful man in the world can do to stop it.

Got thoughts?

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