eBook: We Need to Talk About Liberty

It might not seem like it, but human liberty is today in most peril where it was once most protected – the western world. This is potentially disastrous for humanity because liberty is the foundation of all human progress. Everything we value as human beings comes from it. If the most important scientific discovery in human history – that society manages itself better than any centralised Authority ever has or could – is buried alive under a tonne of statist thinking, then the astounding prosperity and progress achieved since the industrial revolution could be undone.

These selected writings by Gary J. Hall cover social, political, legal, cultural and educational issues from the perspective of individual liberty. They are radical in the original sense of ones that go to the root of the problem. Speaking not down to his fellow man but across to his brothers, Gary J. Hall invites you to swallow the red pill and see the ugly truth, but also the beautiful reality and potential. There is hope, but it lies only in liberty.

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