For a Happier Worldview, Learn the True Nature of Society

As you learn the ethics and economics of freedom, you come to understand the true nature of society. That society is not the result of human design, of plans made by people in government and imposed by legal force, but the result of voluntary and mutually beneficial human action - i.e. economic exchange, free speech and free association. Crucially, you realise that society manages itself better than any central authority can. This is a liberation that every person should experience.


New Year Musings on Human Freedom and Progress

As you celebrate the new year, raise a glass in gratitude to individual liberty, to freedom, which, despite the institutionalised political plunder we're subject to, has made us the wealthiest, healthiest and smartest human beings who ever lived.

The Organ Donor Opt-Out System Disrepects the Living & the Dead

The argument against the opt-out system is as much about respect for the living as it is about respect for the dead. Some may argue that the distress caused to grieving loved ones is outweighed by the good done to people who receive organ transplants, but this 'greater good' argument misses the point.