Coercion by Mail, Democracy by Force

Last week, I received a letter from the Electoral Registration Officer. How nice. He insisted I provide him with personal information or else he will force me to hand over £80. That's not so nice. Actually, it's immoral and a crime against me.


Social Justice Isn’t an Upgraded Political Justice, It Bricks Society

Social justice is cutting society's head off to spite its face; it's destroying society's economic foundations out of an urge to eat the rich. But the rich won't get eaten. The wealthy elite has the means to escape to more liberal lands and will do so when the state becomes too oppressive to be tolerated, leaving the envious masses behind as the main course for the monster government they asked for.

BBC Question Time is Bad For Your Brain

One could watch a thousand episodes of BBC Question Time and never get a fraction closer to understanding how the world works or what the causes of our society's economic and social ills are. Instead, you'll be dragged so far from the truth that you may never find your way back again.