Virtual time-lapse visualises the fruits of liberty

Anything that encourages us to reflect, even just for a moment as we're being whisked up to the top of a building at 23 miles an hour, upon the fact that the 'land of the free' became the land of the most prosperous, and in particular how rapidly that process occurred, is a good thing indeed.


How Liberty Will Save the Seas

As long as there are individuals living under political systems that allow them at least some (but ideally the maximum) freedom to think, act and acquire property to use in any way they wish, there will emerge amazing solutions from the minds of brilliant individuals to our biggest environmental challenges. If there's a solution, then someone will find it. We must trust in liberty.

Liberty, Not Government, Will Solve Environmental Challenges

It's a powerful and perhaps even instinctive urge to want governments to take control of increasingly scarce resources in order to 'save' them, but it's a proven mistaken one - and one we must resist.