An Invitation to my New Facebook Page

When I'm not writing articles here I'm usually on Facebook expending a paragraph or two on exposing the fallacies or nonsensical moral arguments concealed like intellectual stink bombs within the day's popular news stories here in the UK. Or else I'm sharing great content from the global liberty community, such as funny memes, inspiring quotations and important articles. I decided, then, to make it official and to do all this on a proper page, which is @


I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read

Using government action (i.e. coercion) in an attempt to improve, correct or regulate an economy is as utterly misguided as attempting to put a fire out with petrol (and almost always has similarly unintended/undesirable results). If there is one essay that can shake the foundations of this habitual and virtually superstitious belief in government action, then it is Leonard E. Read's 'I, Pencil'.

The Beauty of Liberty

There are three things that we should always remember in order to keep our spirits up. Firstly that, as Matt Gilliland put it, we are "the freest people in all of history..." Secondly, that in just two centuries the common man hauled himself out of subsistence and into prosperity. And thirdly, that the destructive power of government action is no match for the creative and productive powers of 21st century society.