I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read

Using government action (i.e. coercion) in an attempt to improve, correct or regulate an economy is as utterly misguided as attempting to put a fire out with petrol (and almost always has similarly unintended/undesirable results). If there is one essay that can shake the foundations of this habitual and virtually superstitious belief in government action, then it is Leonard E. Read's 'I, Pencil'.


Hayek’s Case for Freedom

Friedrich Hayek's quite brilliant and inspiring 1960 essay 'The Case for Freedom' is one of those pieces that may change your thinking forever.

The Myth of the Rule of Law

There is a quite brilliant essay by John Hasnas, Associate Professor at Georgetown University, called 'Myth of the Rule of Law'. I can't even remember how I came across the piece, but I'm glad I did. Curiously, it was originally published in the 1995 Wisconsin Law Review. I wonder how it was received.