There is No Problem With Apu

Politicizing of comedy, driven by the likes of Hari Kondabolu, will kill comedy (and other things we human beings do for fun). We need to push back. We should continue to laugh unashamedly at what we find funny. Comedy writers should resist censoring themselves to appease people like Kondabolu who hope their nonsensical moral arguments shame and bamboozle them into doing so.


Samsung is Right: Markets Give the People What They Want

Samsung is right. Markets give the people what they want.

Prince’s genius: shaped by technology, delivered by capitalism

Insight into his physical well-being was a sobering reminder to me that Prince's art came at a significant cost to his physical self - perhaps even the ultimate one - but one that he was willing to accept to give the world the best Prince he could give. Like all truly great artistic geniuses, his art was his life and his life was his art. And the world hoped he would live forever, such was the joy he brought to it.