Legal Baby Snatchers

If the social workers at Kirklees council, hadn't been acting in the knowledge that they were backed by the brute force of the law, then they almost certainly wouldn't have acted so aggressively and unreasonably and snatched a newborn baby away from its parents for the first two months of its life - with apparently no regard for the distress this would cause the parents or indeed the baby. And if they hadn't been so convinced of their righteousness, then they wouldn't have lied in court in order to get legal permission to have the baby taken away.


Academisation is also not the answer to failing UK education

The truth about the government's plan to turn all state schools into academies is that progress made by putting power back in the hands of school governors and head teachers over pay, length of the school day, term times and curriculum, is negated by the regressive measure of taking away from local governments the power to distribute funding for schools.

UK schools are becoming police states

In counter-terrorism legislation and the government's coercive de-radicalisation program, there is almost unlimited potential for future tyranny. This is the death of free speech and thought in the UK just waiting to happen. All it requires is a future generation who are even more fearful of terrorism and even more inclined to unthinkingly obey Authority, and an even more illiberal government. State education is unwittingly priming children to become that future generation.