Indiscriminate Vaccination is Wasteful and Negligent

According to the prominent experts behind the Great Barrington Declaration, one of them being the UK’s own Dr. Sunetra Gupta who is an epidemiologist at Oxford University, people who have already had covid-19 don’t need to be vaccinated. This statement by credible experts outside the mainstream casts the UK government’s mass vaccination program in a very different light. What seemed to be a great act of centrally planned humanitarianism, is actually incredibly wasteful government action that violates basic medical ethics.

Millions upon millions of vaccines, which could be used to save lives in other parts of the world, are being wasted on British citizens who don’t need them (because they already have antibodies). In my book, that’s not the behaviour of humanitarians. That’s not what people whose only concern is saving as many lives as possible would do. People who were genuinely concerned with saving as many lives as possible would do everything they could to make sure not a single vaccine is wasted. One of the most effective ways of minimising the number of wasted vaccines would be to pre-screen people for antibodies at vaccination centres. But the UK government isn’t doing pre-screening for antibodies even though such testing can be done in fifteen minutes with a few finger pricks of blood.

So what explains the medically senseless drive to vaccinate every man and his dog? Is this just another instance of basic wisdom on biology and viruses being lost in the fog of covid panic? In a perverse way, we should hope so because if it isn’t, then it means the motivation is some political end and not a public health end. And that’s a dangerous use and abuse of state power. One small mercy is that people haven’t been forced to get vaccinated. Although, if a system of digital vaccine certification comes into being, then this would be an indirect way of coercing people into getting vaccinated.

The drive to vaccinate the entire population isn’t just lacking medical sense, it’s also negligent from a medical ethical standpoint. Just like elsewhere around the world, a small percentage of people in the UK have either died or suffered serious health problems after receiving covid vaccines. None of them was tested for antibodies beforehand, so health authorities simply did not know if they needed it, but they did know it carried some risk of harm, and yet they still administered it. In the medical profession, pursuing a course of action or advising a treatment that you don’t know would improve your patient’s condition would be classed as negligence.

Every single person who has died or suffered serious adverse effects from a covid vaccine was the victim of gross negligence by UK health authorities and the UK government, not medical misfortune. It might only be a relatively small number of people, but that’s not the point. It goes without saying, even one person is too many.

Even if someone got privately tested for antibodies themselves, found out they had antibodies, but still showed up at a vaccination centre to get a jab, it’s still negligent on the part of the health authorities to vaccinate them. They simply shouldn’t be giving jabs to anyone without first testing them for antibodies or at the very least verifying private antibody test results. And just because someone asks for a jab doesn’t mean they should be given one. Clearly, a doctor that gives his patients whatever jabs they ask for is a terrible doctor.

If the incredibly wasteful and disturbingly negligent manner in which the government has executed its vaccination program hasn’t convinced people that Doctor Government cannot be trusted and that today’s politicians aren’t humanitarians, then nothing ever will.

Got thoughts?

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