A Letter to Scottish MPs

Today marks one year since parliament granted the government the power to effectively place the entire population under house arrest in the name of public health. Firstly, let it be said that you’re all terrible people. I don’t mean that I think you’re evil people who have bad intentions. I mean you’re terrible people to be ‘managing’ society. And what makes you terrible people is your blind faith in central planning, lack of trust in the individual, arrogance in your own abilities as lawmakers and your lack of principled belief in basic human rights.

These disturbing flaws in your political mindset and moral character were revealed when you passed the most draconian and oppressive act of legislation in the history of British democracy, the Coronavirus Act, into law overnight and enabled the government to do the unthinkable. This precipitated the biggest public health fiasco in a century and the biggest economic slump in three centuries. It beggars belief that you apparently had no conception of what hell you would unleash.

Lockdowns don’t work and are wrong. There is simply no evidence that such non-pharmaceutical interventions correlate with lower covid mortality and save many lives as the government keeps claiming. They do not control the spread of viruses in any desirable or measurable way and they come at a much greater, longer-term cost to public health. There’s a good reason why the world hasn’t ‘locked down’ in response to pandemics over the past century. Forcing the entire population to hide from a virus is medieval medicine. Such irrational and socially destructive responses to pandemics have no place in the 21st century.

You passed the Coronavirus Act into law despite the government’s last-minute suppression strategy being based on nothing but unreliable data from China and the wildly wrong predictions of black-box covid modelling. And despite the fact the government hadn’t even conducted a basic cost-benefit analysis of lockdowns. That was astonishingly reckless. And the government’s pursuit of a course of action it simply didn’t know would improve the situation was grossly negligent.

I hope by now you understand what an incredibly stupid thing you did when you allowed the government to have unlimited power over people’s lives. This massive and sudden expansion of the use of legal coercion in the form of the government’s Zero Covid fanaticism dismantled society and wrecked people’s lives. It caused misery to millions. It inflicted untold cruelty. And that it was done in the name of humanitarian ends makes it all the more sickening and tragic.

Human rights are inalienable and basic human freedoms are non-negotiable. 
There is never a justification for wrecking people’s lives. 
Government can never be smarter than society. 

These are things our MPs shouldn’t need to be told, but apparently, they do.

Got thoughts?

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