The Pandemic is Over but Zero Covid Fanaticism Remains

These days, when people claim it (i.e. ‘the pandemic’) is worse now than it was last year, they’re basing this conclusion on the fact that hospitals are under much more strain now in winter than they were last year in around springtime. Well of course they are! Come on people, think! You’re comparing apples to oranges. Hospitals are under much more strain now simply because it is winter – not because the covid virus is still rampaging in a pandemic fashion. It isn’t. The ONS weekly deaths data clearly indicates we have reached an immunity threshold (which is what standard biology and orthodox wisdom on pandemics said would happen). 

Covid is no longer an exceptional threat to human life and is therefore no longer a political problem. It was really only these things for a period of several weeks last year, at most. The human immune system has already done what people in government tell us only lockdowns and mass government vaccination programs can do: permanently minimise the threat to life posed by covid.

However, the UK government continues acting as if covid still constitutes a public health emergency and thus requires extensive and extraordinary state control over people’s lives. And that in itself is now the UK’s single biggest political problem. Until last year, the violent intentions of a minority of religious fanatics was the biggest threat to our way of life, but it’s now the fanatical pursuit of Zero Covid by dangerously deluded authoritarians in government power. People in government have at their disposal an infinitely more deadly and destructive weapon than homemade explosives: they have the full force of the coercive apparatus of the state. Which gives them not just the actual power to ruin millions of people’s lives by removing their liberties or to kill large numbers of people by denying them access to life-saving medical treatment in government-controlled hospitals, but also the legal right to do such evil.

Zero Covid is the fantasy of authoritarians in government. Perhaps it wasn’t a year ago, but it certainly is now. Their fanatical pursuit of this dangerous and delusional political goal at all social costs has caused the worst economic contraction in three centuries and shredded the very fabric of our society. We are the first generation of British citizens under democracy to experience such fascistic use of state power towards a single political end. We are in the most vulnerable state any generation under democracy has ever been. Our way of life hasn’t been this imperiled since the world wars. And the threat is posed by a democratically elected UK government.

To get back to freely going to pubs, restaurants and concerts, i.e normality, we need to find a way to bring the government’s Zero Covid fanaticism to an end. It will likely destroy itself eventually, but the sooner it ends the better. Voting the Tories out probably won’t help. It may even require the formation of an entirely new political party to break up the dysfunctional two-party system. Ending covid authoritarianism is in the interests of all British citizens, whatever their colour or class. 

A year of Public Health fanaticism has done untold damage to our society, so just imagine what damage decades of environmental fanaticism in the form of Net Zero will do, which will require similarly fascistic and totalitarian use of state power against peaceful people.

Got thoughts?

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