That Moment when British Voters Told Corbyn & the other ‘Liberal’ Dictators to F*ck Off

In last week’s general election, The people of Britain told leftist authoritarians like Corbyn, Jo Swinson and a plethora of other Brexit-blockers to, well, f*ck off. I must admit, I had my doubts this would happen, but happily I was wrong. Well done, people of Britain.

What happened was a working-class revolt against Labour, which is a measure of just how far the party has drifted with that sad old Jew-hater Corbyn at the helm. The political map of Britain now shows the Conservatives as the party of the working classes all over the country and Labour as the party of London – the very place where the super-rich reside. The issue of Brexit has flipped the UK’s political landscape.

It’s important to reflect on what the British people rejected last week when they handed the Conservatives control of Parliament and Jeremy Corbyn an eviction notice. They rejected (a substantially higher degree of) socialism. They rejected nationalisation and centralisation. They rejected authoritarianism. They said no to significantly more government control over industry and the economy – and ultimately our lives. They may not have knowingly done this, and it may well have been more a by-product of wanting to have their EU referendum vote honoured, but the effect was the same: Corbyn got the boot.

The Political Left only has itself to blame for its resounding defeat. If it hadn’t obstructed Brexit for three years, then Labour and the Lib Dems would almost certainly have plenty more seats in Parliament than they do now. However, with their unscrupulous behaviour since the EU referendum, they made their own bed of shit. And last week, the demos – those people that middle-class authoritarians like Corbyn and Swinson are so contemptuous of, made them lie in it. How humiliated and outraged they must feel.

What is truly amazing is that the leaders of the left-wing parties seemingly didn’t see the backlash coming. The look on Jo Swinson’s face said it all. She was genuinely stunned, genuinely shocked. Her explanation for her and her party’s defeat was laughable and only revealed how deluded she was about herself and the state of the public mind. 

The only explanation Swinson could find for her defeat and for the Tories’ resounding victory was an imaginary one: a force of nationalism sweeping across the nation like some infectious disease. The very thought of this imaginary evil brought her to the brink of tears.

To her, this was the only possible explanation for her failure and her party’s failure. Not for a second did it occur to her that maybe she was wrong about what people wanted from their elected representatives and that maybe she was out of touch with the people. No, it’s not that she was wrong, it’s that the people were wrong. This was the reaction of an egotist, a dictator in disguise who find self-examination unbearable or else believes it unnecessary. 

Jeremy Corbyn and Green Party leader Caroline Lucas offered similarly deluded assessments of their abject failures in last week’s general election. Again, they blamed external factors and forces – everything but themselves. 

On Twitter, Lucas implied British voters were idiots who had doomed society and possibly even humanity with their stupid decision. Not even the slightest hint of humbly accepting that the people had spoken or that they might be right and she might be wrong. Not a bit of it. The common man is a racist, xenophobic moron and I despise him for rejecting me and my obviously virtuous and correct ideas. Again, totally lacking humility.  

In a speech, Corbyn said, “…Brexit has so polarised and divided debate in this country, it has overridden so much of a normal political debate.”

Yes, how stupid and selfish of the people of Britain to have been so myopically focused on establishing a government that will actually do what they asked it to do three years ago.

To Corbyn’s mind, whether Parliament and the government actually enact the will of the people is not important! It’s a side issue. Again, as with Lucas and Swinson, what comes through here is the general contempt for the common man and the idea of the people having the power to decide how they are governed. A mindset that is typical of egotists who consider themselves morally and intellectually superior to others.

The unhinged and bitter reactions of these ‘liberal’ dictators in disguise proved the British public had dodged a bullet by not voting any of these lunatics into power. Compared to these guys, Boris Johnson seems, well, normal. By which I mean a good old-fashioned, sleazy politician who would sell his own mother for a vote. In a perverse way, I suspect many people today find that rather comforting. British folk love a bit of tradition.

The Conservative party won the election by doing little more than standing still on a promise to get Brexit done, whilst Labour and the rest ran around like headless chickens promising copious amounts of free stuff by soaking the rich. (Their spending promises were so stupendously huge that even the liberal media had trouble believing them. Although the Tories made their own big spending pledges too).

The one thing left-wing parties were never going to do was the only thing that was ever going to give them a hope in hell of winning the election: promise to honour the will of 17 million voters and get Brexit done. And they were never going to do that because they despise those people. They see them as lesser people than themselves; as ignorant, xenophobic Little Britain-ers who shouldn’t have the power to decide how the nation is governed. 

Boris Johnson and his cronies were smart enough to predict the strength of feeling of the 17 million people who voted for the UK to leave the EU, many of whom were based in what were Labour strongholds. Corbyn and Swinson, on the other hand, were stupid enough to think that those same 17 million people would ‘see sense’ and welcome having their vote overruled and cancelled by people who are clearly their moral and intellectual superiors.

So the Tories won a majority simply by promising to do the will of the people. We shouldn’t forget, however, that a promise made by politicians is about as reliable as a plumber’s estimate or a car made in Communist Russia. So it remains to be seen what kind of Brexit will be done by Johnson’s government. The clean break many might be assuming or hoping will happen probably won’t happen. Most likely, the result will be some absurdly convoluted divorce that will require copious amounts of bureaucracy and take years. 

This is the government we’re talking about after all. It does everything badly. And this unique scenario doesn’t involve just one giant government bureaucracy, but two. And worse still, two trying to untangle from each other’s legal webs. It’ll be like two giant octopuses trying to disentangle themselves from each other – with society squished in the middle. Not pretty or fun, but no doubt enormously expensive to taxpayers and hugely lucrative to some bunch of cronies.

Furthermore, trade deals struck with the US and other parts of the world will likely feature hefty doses of crony capitalism – and won’t necessarily lead to enormous new prosperity. So my advice to Leave voters would be not to expect great things. After all, as we should never forget, people in government are not actually trying to solve our problems. They’re trying to solve their own. 

I suspect the best we can reasonably hope for from Brexit is that the UK economy stops stagnating and experiences a modest amount of real growth. In the grand scheme of things, this could be considered a good outcome. We shouldn’t forget, however, that whatever post-Brexit prosperity and progress happens will be the result of less government, not more.

Since the election victory for the Tories, I’ve seen much genuine despair and sadness from lefties in my social media circles. It’s a shame to see how upset people are getting. Politics really shouldn’t be such a big deal in our lives. Who wins an election shouldn’t feel like a matter of life or death and shouldn’t plunge people into depression. But right now, there are a lot of Labour and Lib Dem supporters who are convinced the UK is suddenly overflowing with nasty, racist people and that our society is doomed.

But this is nonsense. Britain is one of the least racist and most tolerant societies in the world. Neither a Conservative government lead by Boris Johnson or Brexit is going to change the fact that the UK is mostly full of decent, tolerant people. All those despairing Labour and Lib Dem supporters need to get a grip and remind themselves of this.

When politics becomes such a big deal in our lives, it makes us feel like the only way we can peacefully coexist and have good society is if we agree on everything and are all of one political mind. This inevitably leads to despair, anxiety and exhaustion because we all know that’s never going to happen. Thankfully, however, it doesn’t have to.

The beauty of our market society based on private property rights is that it doesn’t require everyone to be of one political mind in order to work. We can all disagree with each other as much as we like about anything and yet still benefit from trading with each other. Indeed, that’s what we all do everyday. It’s life as we know it.

It’s the season of goodwill to all men. It’s time for everyone on both sides of the Left-Right political divide and the Brexit schism to shake hands, agree to disagree and get back to being friends or at least being civil. We need to remind ourselves that, ultimately, we all want the same things – peace and prosperity. These don’t come from government action, however, they come from us. They come from our tolerant attitude towards each other and individual economic liberty.

Got thoughts?

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