The 7/7 bombings and what we should remember

Yesterday marked ten years since the terror attacks perpetrated by suicide bombers in London that killed fifty people and injured hundreds more. In the usual nauseating fashion of the ruling elite past and present, Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson and even former Prime Minister and sociopathic warmonger Tony Blair attended memorial ceremonies and services. The presence of the latter, whose invasion of Iraq in 2003 was undoubtedly a major causal factor in the emergence of al-Qaeda and Islamic State, shows just how astoundingly deluded these people are.

Given that the British State has for a long time been an unwanted, controlling and divisive presence in middle eastern territories, places where religion and the State are virtually indistinguishable, it’s hardly surprising that the blowback has come in the form of politically orientated violence undertaken with religious zeal – such as the 7/7 bombings.

It’s remarkable how few attacks there have been and how relatively few lives here have been lost, given the hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East whose lives were sacrified by western politicians in the name of world peace and the burning hatred this must have fostered in those territories.

If we don’t recognise and accept that it was the violence or ‘foreign policy’ of our very own democratically elected leaders of the past that fostered a broad hatred of western democracies which eventually coalesced into al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, then we dishonour the memory of the victims of the 7/7 bombings by refusing to face the truth.

Suicide bombers who murder in the name of Allah and British and American politicians who sacrifice innocent lives in foreign lands in the name of freedom and democracy are two sides of the same coin; they form the circle of violence that entraps and kills innocent people here and there.

Those who died and were injured in the London bombings weren’t victims of a pure and senseless evil, as politicians would have us believe; they were killed by religious sociopaths. They were killed by indoctrinated minds that refuse to see the truth that we citizens of the UK have no choice but to fund the deluded and inhumane schemes of our political leaders; cleverly exploited minds that deny the truth that we are individuals who don’t necessarily share or agree with the beliefs and choices of our political leaders.

Such minds deny even their own individual will, their own self.  There is only the will of God, and when they think of the UK (and the western world) they see only a collective will; the will of a nation, an entity that will destroy Islam if it is allowed to persist. The deluded collectivist sees only collectives and never individuals; he sees what he wants to see not what is really there.

Indoctrinated al-Qaeda murderers see us as part of the malevolent entity that invaded and occupied their homelands and killed so many of their people. They see themselves as soldiers of God whose mission it is to slay this evil entity. We are the most vulnerable and exposed parts of that entity, the soft underbelly if you will, which is why they detonate themselves in public places and not in government buildings or royal palaces. They know trying to strike the beast at its heart would almost certainly achieve nothing because they would be killed or captured before they had a chance to detonate themselves and kill anyone, which would mean failing to do God’s will.

The West’s political ruling elite of the last several decades probably never imagined that their raping and pillaging of and superimposing of democracy in the Middle East would create an enemy so decentralised that it cannot be attacked and destroyed by any western army, however great. An enemy that you can’t fight a war against because it’s nothing more than a military tactic. An enemy that cannot be decapitated because it has hundreds of heads and can easily grow new ones.

The power to enact mass violence in foreign lands and bend nations to their will granted to men by the States of Western democracies created an evil that no State-funded army in the western world can defeat. The ‘War on Terrorism’ will never lead to a better world for us or our children because it’s a war that cannot be won and thus will never end.

As the people of various parts of the Middle East know only too well, when war becomes peace life shrinks to survival and little more. Human flourishing grinds to a virtual halt. If war becomes peace in the western world, then the danger is that the conditions that enabled the staggering progress in every aspect of our lives since the industrial revolution will struggle to exist under permanent ‘war-time’ government, and an irreversible process of economic and social disintegration will set in.

It’s not certain or likely that al-Qaeda and/or Islamic State have or ever will have the ability to tear down our world of abundance, but there can be absolutely no doubt that our rulers have the ability to do it themselves by greatly expanding government powers in the name of security and eviscerating our liberty.

Got thoughts?

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