The Truth about Corporal Punishment

On today, a website which claims to engage about 50 million people a month, I came across the first infographic (below) that I know of that summarises the scientific evidence against spanking (corporal punishment) as an effective parenting technique . This is great. The truth about spanking continues to spread. Research suggests that the vast majority of parents still believe in spanking, but mostly only because they think there is no alternative. This is perhaps one of the most harmful and tragic beliefs of our time. The still widely accepted wisdom in regard to child rearing hasn’t yet caught up with the science. Most parents are still parenting as if spanking benefits children when the reality is that it harms them, now and later on in life.

The best hope for greatly reducing violence against children is the general acceptance of the reality that spanking is harmful and wrong, as this will lead to the widespread adoption of non-violent alternative parenting techniques by parents. The societal norm will be flipped on its head. Resorting to and not refraining from spanking will become what is viewed as ‘weak’ or bad parenting.


  1. Spanking is absolutely despicable. A neighbour’s kid was getting spanked repeatedly , why the mother got spanked because she was trying to save her son from more blows and those who tried to intervene were told off ! What education HAS NOT done to these executives !


  2. I think the Canadian law is stupid. Why r they allowed to hit children 2 to 12 years old?? Are 13 year olds to good to b hit or something because they r teenagers?? They’re still hitting CHILDREN either way it goes!!!!


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