An Invitation to my New Facebook Page


When I’m not writing articles here I’m usually on Facebook expending a paragraph or two on exposing the fallacies or nonsensical moral arguments concealed like intellectual stink bombs within the day’s popular news stories here in the UK. Or else I’m sharing great content from the global liberty community, such as funny memes, inspiring quotations and important articles. I decided, then, to make it official and to do all this on a proper page, which is @

If you like my blog, then you’ll definitely enjoy my page, so pop over and press that like button. Thank you. It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be allowed to become part of your Facebook feed. I shall do my very best to enrich it rather than engorge it. Here’s to freedom.

P.S. Please do share my page with your friends if you feel so inclined!

Got thoughts?

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