Net Neutrality = Web Fatality

Net Neutrality = Web Fatality

Net Neutrality will lead to web fatality.

The currently dominant ISPs and content providers only support Net Neutrality because locking down the current market conditions will protect them from competition in a fast-changing market. It will permanently stack the cards against every new and innovative ISP and content provider that wishes to enter the market to compete. That can only harm consumers.

They’re not evil it’s just that, naturally, no business wants competition, and so if there’s a chance of making market entry more complex and costly for newcomers than it was for them, then businesses will do everything they can to make that happen. The existence of government regulatory bodies presents big businesses in all markets with opportunities that are often just too tempting to pass up.

Imagine if you could make it much more difficult or even illegal for others businesses to compete with yours without having to enact yourself any of the coercion required to manifest such a state of affairs, wouldn’t you do so? That’s the lure of government power. It’s like the ring in Lord of the Rings.

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