Man Solves Problem. Local Government Furious.

Mike Watts at his new private toll road.

From the Telegraph online: ‘Entrepreneur builds private toll road after landslip‘.

“An entrepreneur has gambled his home on building a toll road after becoming frustrated at council delays in clearing a commuter route blocked by a landslip.

Mike Watts is charging motorists £2 per journey to use his bypass made from rolled chippings and avoid the closed section of the A431 between Bath and Bristol.”

Hang on. This guy built a road without first forcibly extracting money from people to pay for it (a la government)? What kind of voodoo is this!

But seriously, this man is a bally hero. Unlike politicians and local councillors who put your wealth on the line to implement their own ideas (regardless of whether you agree or not), this guy has put his own wealth on the line. His decision, his own risk, and only he will face the consequences of his action. Those in office face no consequences when their ideas turn out to be unprofitable or ineffective, which encourages recklessness and discourages thrift. They still get a sizeable pay check regardless of how thoroughly or not they thought their plan through. This guy will lose his damn house if he doesn’t turn a profit. There could be no greater incentive for him to make sure he builds the highest quality road at the lowest cost; and no greater incentive for him to maintain the road to the highest standard. This man’s actions encapsulate the entrepreneurial spirit, and it’s people like him we should be holding in the very highest esteem because such people are the ones who genuinely add value to society. Those in government, local and national, simply pretend to.

This guy’s local councillors are fuming not because they’re concerned for public safety, as they imply, but because this man has humiliated them. They have been exposed to the world as entirely unnecessary. Redundant. Of no use. An expensive folly. Because of this I wouldn’t be surprised if the local council shuts the road down, rendering this man homeless and society worse off. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Who will build roads without government? People.


  1. This guy is hilarious, why are there not more comments? I hope he continues to profit from his enterprising ways.


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