Two Profound Truths Distilled from the Arab-Israeli Conflict

The history of the Israeli–Palestinian (Arab-Israeli) conflict is long and very complex, but you don’t need to spend years wading through the details in order to understand the two important lessons to be learnt from this tragedy of Man.

1). Religious belief is an irrational, arbitrary and socially destructive way to distribute limited resources – i.e. to determine who owns what (in this case land).

2). Violence (i.e. aggression – by individuals, paramilitary groups or governments) is an equally irrational and socially destructive way of distributing limited resources. As is claims to ownership as a result of previous acts of aggression by historical empires.

Religion and violence are the root causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict and so for as long as both sides continue to attempt solutions based on these, then it will not end. Clinging to them is what makes it seem like a solution is impossible. It’s like seeing a person fall into a river whilst clutching two heavy stones, which they inexplicably continue to hold as they drown. Just let go!

Compromise, negotiation and peaceful exchange is the only way out; it is the only way to stop all the senseless killing and destruction; it is the only way to peace and progress.

Got thoughts?

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