More Government = Less You


Human beings are, by their nature, free to choose and act. More government = less freedom for peaceful people. Less freedom = less you. And there will never be another you.

The cause of the liberty movement is for you, the unique individual, to meaningfully exist and flourish; it is the struggle for every peaceful individual to retain all their innate freedom to be and do everything and anything they want to. That and nothing less.

A human life, on a cosmic scale, is the briefest of moments. What could be more tragic than a shooting star that isn’t allowed to burn as brightly as it possibly can before it fades away never to be seen again.

The degree to which you are not free to choose and act is the degree to which you are not you. It is the degree to which your choices merely reflect the choices of those who control you. The child who ‘chooses’ the quiet toy over the noisy toy only because his parents get angry or threaten to spank him is not choosing at all; he is obeying. Those who want to open schools and teach their own curricula, but don’t, aren’t choosing; they are obeying. Those who want to employ people who aren’t worth paying the minimum wage to, but don’t, aren’t choosing; they are obeying. A life of senseless obedience is suited to machines, not humans. Slavery is Man’s self-destruction.

In a world of obedience the individual is impossible. But without aberrations or deviations, without individuals who think and act alone and differently, but who spontaneously coordinate and cooperate, there would be no creativity, innovation or competition. And these are the forces that have enabled Man to rise out of dark caves of ignorance and into gleaming skyscrapers of enlightenment; out of pestilence and into prosperity; out of short, brutal existences into long, beautiful ones.

The absolute freedom for you to exist, to give as much as you wish and can to your fellow man, and to shine as brightly as possible before you fall back into the stars whence you came. This is the state of Man which the liberty movement believes should be, regardless of what is.


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