Equalised Outcomes Do Not Make For a Better World


This excellent short film, an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron, depicts the quality and nature of a society that has reached the logical conclusions of the socialist ideology of equality.

This kind of ‘equality’, which in reality is equality of outcome, is unethical and therefore undesirable in society because the only way to achieve it is to use coercion against those deemed stronger, more beautiful, more intelligent et al. The detrimental effects to society of doing this are touchingly and tragically depicted in the film. If brilliance is not free to delight, if strength is not free to be applied, if genius is not allowed to create, then we are all worse off.

All people are not equal in terms of ability, in terms of the value they can create for society. Some are geniuses and some are brilliant, and the freedom for this inequality to express itself and shape our world is essential to human flourishing.

Got thoughts?

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