The True Meaning of ‘Anti-Political’

The BBC asks: how have the other parties explained UKIP’s (the UK independence Party’s) success in the English local elections?

“…Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg blamed a ‘very strong anti-politics feeling’ among voters…” 

If people are voting for UKIP (a political party) because they are ‘anti-politics’, as Clegg is suggesting, then they do not understand what politics is – and perhaps neither does he.

The crucial difference between the economic means and the political means is that the latter requires the use of coercion – i.e. do as the state demands or you’ll be fined or imprisoned. In other words, the economic means is: I have something you value, you have something I value, let’s exchange them. The political means is: you have something I want, give it to me because the government says I’m allowed to take it from you (or prevent you from acquiring it) by force. The economic means creates wealth because all parties gain, the political means merely redistributes wealth to those in power and their accomplices.

To oppose the political means is what it really means to be anti-political. Once the majority are truly anti-political, then things will start to get interesting.

(The quote in the image above is from an essay by libertarian author Albert Nock).

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