The Human Spirit Is Uncrushable

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This is an aerial photo of a giant art installation in a region of Pakistan where U.S. drone attacks regularly occur. According to its creators:

“#NotABlugSplat is a giant art installation project that targets predator drone operators sitting thousands of miles away who refer to kills as BugSplats. Now they’ll see a child’s face instead.”

What can helpless people do in the face of an overwhelming and invincible evil, such as the U.S. army and its drones? They can do this. They can reach out, from one human soul to another, in the hope that there is some vestige, some quantum of empathy left in the blackened souls of those men and women operating the flying death machines known as drones that can persuade them to refuse to silently and effortlessly murder any more innocent people. They can say:

Brother, I implore you, for your own sake and mine, listen to that voice deep down inside you that is telling you that what you’re doing is wrong. If you do not, I may die, but your soul certainly will. And you will be the living dead. And I will be one more ghost to haunt you. Do the right thing so we both may live; I free of the threat of death from the sky, and you free of death inside.

Even if this wonderfully dignified and creative plea is in vain, its creators in producing it will have reaffirmed that which we must never forget: that the human spirit is uncrushable.

Click here for more information about the art project and U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan.

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