The Sexy Eye Of Government Violence


I saw this government poster on the train today and I sat staring at it in quiet disbelief for about five minutes. This is not a joke. This is a genuine poster.

“If you’ve declared all your income you have nothing to fear”.

You know the government’s broke and desperate for money when it threatens people via poster campaigns on public transport. With the irony being that they probably paid some marketing company a small fortune to design this.

How amusing that they’ve used an attractive female face. But is that a threatening look or a seductive look? I can’t quite tell. Perhaps that’s the intention. Does she want to rob and/or imprison you, or does she want to take you to bed? Maybe both…?

What a very strange world I live in. George Orwell himself didn’t even imagine government propaganda as twisted and perverse as this. I wonder what he would make of it all.

Got thoughts?

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