That’s Ingenious: handy bionic feeling


“A new prosthetic bionic hand, designed and built by researchers at Case Western University is now capable of using measurements from 20 sensor points to control the grip force of its digits. Incredibly, the sensor data is linked directly to the sensory nerves in the patient’s forearm. The control for the grip closure is then extracted myoelectrically from the normal biological return loop to the muscles in the forearm.”

Incredible. The cyborg has arrived. I think I can see where this is heading. In the future perhaps losing a hand or a limb won’t have permanent long-term negative consequences like it currently does, but instead will only be a short-term inconvenience as a result of having to go through a medical procedure to fit a bionic replacement that can do everything your organic one could. Perhaps people might have the choice between an organic replacement hand or limb grown in a lab or a bionic one manufactured in a factory; or even printed by your own 3-D printer!

Read the full article here:

New artificial, bionic hands start to get real feelings | ExtremeTech.

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