Obama Woz Ere

Obama Woz Ere
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Several weeks ago I created the graphic above, which symbolises the disastrous effects Obama’s administration has had and will continue to have on the US economy. As I created the graffiti on the tree I remember trying to decide what end date to put for Obama’s presidential term. After considering the general euphoria surrounding Obama and his apparent belief in himself as some kind of demi-god, I predicted that the intellectuals and the media would call for a change in the restriction of presidential terms and demand that Obama be allowed to stand for a third consecutive term.

I hadn’t got around to posting the graphic yet, but today I came across a piece entitled ‘End presidential term limits‘ in the Washington Post in which the author declares that:

“Barack Obama should be allowed to stand for re election just as citizens should be allowed to vote for — or against — him. Anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.”

As I read it I remembered the prediction I had made in my Obama graphic and realised that it just might have a chance of coming true. As you can see I predicted four terms in office. Could it happen? It would take a rival candidate of enormous appeal and character to oust Obama. I can’t see America not voting for the brother from another mother who is such a compelling orator.

America is facing a social and economic crisis on a scale it has never previously experienced. Once the social unrest begins it’s likely that a state of emergency will be declared and the army will be called in. Government will assume emergency powers and seven kinds of hell for Americans could easily break loose – with Obama at the reigns.

Although my Obama graphic portends an economic collapse, it’s ultimately optimistic because it recognises that the green shoots of human spirit always sprout out of the smoking ashes of government-created economic disasters.

Got thoughts?

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