The Insatiable Collective


BBC News – European forests near ‘carbon saturation point’.

“As a sizeable proportion of Europe’s forest areas are owned by smallholders, the process of changing the age-profile of the continent’s tree cover could prove challenging with some owners resisting the idea of increasing wood production and tree harvesting. 

One potential solution is a pan-European, legally binding agreement on forest management that would look to balance the ecological value of forests against the trees’ commercial and climate mitigation value.”

In other words…

WE, the social collective, want to manage the world’s forests for the greater good but those selfish and misguided individuals who claim they own parts of it are resistant to our aims. If they are allowed to continue to act as they please the consequences for humanity will be catastrophic!

What “pan-European, legally binding agreement on forest management” means in reality is an expropriation of woodland into the control of European governments. Government action such as this constitutes the slow and steady, almost imperceptible, erosion of the concept of property rights and ownership; the erasing of the individual. The socialisation of the means of production, such as natural resources like woodlands, is not progress, it is regression, and only lower standards of living for us all can result.

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