Truth, Simpsons Style


“I’m a public servant, I’m not permitted to use my own judgement in any way.”

This quote is from the “Bart Gets Famous” episode, which I watched this evening. It’s got some great lines, this one from Superintendent Chalmers being one of them.

In my opinion, The Simpsons as an observational/satirical comedy is second to none. The show rightly gets much credit for its wit, but it doesn’t get nearly enough credit for how accurately and skillfully it has portrayed society, government and human behavior since it began 24 years ago. All done through yellow cartoon characters with eight fingers and over-bites. Genius. It’s the only TV show I record and watch every day. It’s a shame many parents seem reluctant to let their children watch it because it’s a great way for a young mind to be softly introduced to some of the most profound aspects of society, like government, war and religion. They’ll be made to laugh, but they’ll also be made to think, probably without even realising it, which could lead to many an intelligent, stimulating and enjoyable conversation. The Simpsons is superb conversation TV.

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