The Problem Can Never Be The Solution


The ‘authoritative’ Economist believes “Policymakers know what to do to diminish the problem…

Mainstream economists, intellectuals and economic institutes have been repeating this dogma for nearly a century. Blind faith in the demigods of modernity, the policymakers.

What we see in the world today is the result of the thinking of generation upon generation of policymakers. 290m, almost a quarter of people on Earth aged 15-24, are economically inactive. In the UK youth unemployment has risen 8% in the last five years. More than one in five young people in the labour market in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and Italy are out of work. Soon, the youth unemployment rate in Europe will be higher than it’s ever been measured before on the continent.

The more policymakers do the worse it will continue to get.

That which they tax society gets less of (wealth, employment opportunities), that which they subsidize society gets more of (unemployment, idleness). The problem can never be the solution. We can ignore this reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring it. Liberty is the answer. Let people work, let people keep what they earn. Let Man be free of Men – the policymakers.

Got thoughts?

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