Climate of Deception


If it wasn’t for the Internet I don’t know how I would have accessed the evidence against catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, and if it wasn’t for the Internet I don’t know how those who have taken the time to gather and present it would have been able to place their efforts before the eyes of people like me. Of course, the Internet can be and is used to spread propaganda as well as truth, and of this we must be wary, but at least now any average Joe has at least a chance of inadvertently encountering or stumbling upon the truth, or at the very least some counter-arguments, by virtue of the openness of the web. Before the Internet, virtually all we knew or could know came through mainstream television and newspapers, which by nature had a highly filtered output.

The video below, which presents the evidence against catastrophic anthropogenic global warming has been watched by less than 400,000 people. Al Gore’s 2006 documentary on the other hand, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the poster for which is above, grossed about $30 million worldwide. The meaning of a picture of a huge menacing storm emanating from the chimney stack of a fossil fuel burning power station is hardly subtle and cannot be mistaken: man is literally creating catastrophic weather!!!

Anyway, watch the video ‘Catastrophe denied’ and then ask yourself: who has more incentive to convince me of something? What’s in it for them? We have some guy called Warren who has a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University and runs a Recreation Resource Management company based in Phoenix, Arizona, who in his spare time put this video together; and we have a guy named Al Gore to whom power, influence and notoriety are evidently so important that he has dedicated his life to being a politician.

What’s in it for Warren? Well, by the looks of what he is doing with his life, not that much fundamentally. Neither his career nor his wealth nor his status depend upon convincing us that global warming is a myth. Sure, he took the trouble to make the video, which shows he’s interested in the truth, but it’s clear that convincing the world of something is not his biggest incentive in life.

What about Al Gore, then, what’s in it for him? Well, his chosen purpose in life is to convince people of X so that they give him the power to create laws and spend their money in order to fix X. Thus Al Gore and his crony intellectuals, who share a similarly egomaniacal zeal for power, had a massive incentive to tinker with data and climate models to ‘prove’ that catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory is correct whilst skillfully evading the evidence that contradicts it. They claim like scientists to bow to the truth, but the fact that they ignore the evidence which contradicts their theory and refuse to debate those who question it shows us that what they bow to is their egos.

It’s an inconvenient truth for Al Gore and politicians around the world that humans aren’t actually causing catastrophic climate change, or indeed hardly any significant climate change, but that’s all the truth ever has been in politics: an inconvenience. Sadly, the same can now be said of much science conducted today because as governments have grown over the decades so has the incentive for scientists to draw conclusions less aligned with the facts and more with the beliefs of the special interest groups that fund them.

Here in the UK the climate change mania has really taken off. There are more people cycling to work now in London than ever, literally taking their lives into their own hands because they believe there is an urgent need to reduce their ‘carbon footprints’. This has been fantastic for bike retailers of course but not so good for motorists who now have to trundle behind a girl in a vintage dress riding a vintage bike, NOT wearing a vintage helmet and not having a vintage-fucking-ounce of road sense; nor is it good for pedestrians who now have to play a game of chicken with large herds of self-satisfied cyclists who appear to believe that their heroic efforts to save the planet should exempt them from obeying red lights. I imagine the fad for cycling has been good for companies that make piles cream but has made extra work for street cleaners who have to wash away everything that squelches out of a cyclist who ended up on the losing side of a disagreement with an articulated lorry.

So, the take-away message is: don’t panic. The planet’s just fine. We don’t need to kill ourselves or stop burning fossil fuels. Yay.

Aside from this video there is also this very well written exposition of the ‘Skeptic’s Case‘, which I highly recommend reading.

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