And So It Begins

BBC News – Obama’s UN General Assembly speech condemns extremism:

He [Obama] said the US would “do what we must” to stop Tehran acquiring nuclear arms. Six weeks before the US election, the president said a nuclear-armed Iran was “not a challenge that can be contained”.

And so a new evil is conjured up before the eyes of the American people and a new fear is instilled in their hearts with immaculate timing by the man who will do anything to get the votes he needs to remain in power. For decades the American government has been kicking many a hornets’ nest in the Middle East, and now they wait for an enraged mass to burst forth so they can recoil in horror and play the part of the victim. A war will begin. It will be a shock and awe gore-fest, broadcast nationwide 24 hours a day, that will serve as a noisy distraction from America’s impending economic collapse.

Got thoughts?

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