No One Gives a Rat’s Arse

BBC News – Cane rat meat ‘sold to public’ in Ridley Road Market:

Utter drivel from the BBC. Framing this as a threat to ‘public health’ is nonsensical. The article uses the phrase ‘may have been contaminated’ several times, but no meat was actually found to be contaminated. Rat meat is being sold because there are people who want to buy it. This is a fact of the world we live in that apparently doesn’t fit the vision of society that exists in the minds of the Higher Beings of government, and therefore it cannot be allowed to be. But they believe, and we are told, that they are the ultra-virtuous ones acting to protect people from unscrupulous and evil meat sellers who want to poison the very people who buy their meat (like that’s good for business).

The logic of Environmental Health regulation is flawed. The presence of an Environmental Health agency leads individuals to assume that all meat is safe for consumption therefore inducingcareless or reckless consumption. Without being able to ‘outsource’ responsibility for their own welfare, people would show due diligence in deciding which food products to consume.

Got thoughts?

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