Tesco is (not) evil!

Tesco asks government to change flagship jobless scheme | Business | The Guardian: “Solicitor Jim Duffy from Public Interest Lawyers said: “Tesco, one of the main beneficiaries of the schemes, has now recognised that coercing people into unpaid labour will not solve Britain’s unemployment crisis”

When it comes to identifying the cause of a negative social effect, it’s truly astounding (and tragic) how almost everyone has a blind spot exactly where they should be seeing The State. Tesco has never coerced or forced any human being to do anything. It can’t! It doesn’t have a police force armed with weapons, there’s no Tesco’s Police frog-marching people into their stores or handcuffing job-seekers to check-outs.

This solicitor has failed entirely to describe the situation with any accuracy. He even projects a motive onto Tesco’s participation in the scheme, implying that its goal was to ‘solve Britain’s unemployment crisis’. He has to make stuff up in order for his irrational belief that Tesco is the evil one in all of this to make sense. Tesco were, no doubt, strongly encouraged by certain politicians to participate in this absurd scheme and besides is it at all surprising that any business would welcome the opportunity to benefit from effectively free labour, or from trialing potential employees on a cost-free basis, even for a short time? Of course not; especially when the government is telling them that participating in the scheme would be an act of ‘public good’.
The real evil here lies in the use of government force, not in businesses accepting offers of free labour from an institute that assures them it’s for the good of society.

Got thoughts?

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