Be afraid of the Dark Web!

BBC News – The dark web: Guns and drugs for sale on the internet’s secret black market:

Is it surprising to see this front-page piece of BBC fear-mongery only a week after they ran a story on how the web economy is set to double by 2016? Hardly.

The web economy is ‘living’ proof that a central authority that can initiate force is not necessary for a society and economy to function, by and large, peacefully and prosperously. The web’s ‘dark side’ is highly marginal and hard to find for good reason, most people socially and economically reject it. This is spontaneous order in action. No need for a central authority with guns. If governments can find successful ways to control the digital economy the way they control real-world economies, then the web will eventually be choked back to being little more than a meak communication utility.

Got thoughts?

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