Know thy enemy

Subsequent to the London riots, an ‘e-petition’, which has 78,000 ‘signatures’ already, has been created on a government website. It states:
“No taxpayer should have to contribute to those who have destroyed property, stolen from their community and shown a disregard for the country that provides for them.”
Government and the monetary system it imposes by force on people makes a nonsense of the principle of property ownership. Your mortgage deed is nothing more than a piece of paper of value, which banks then use to create credit and loans up to ten times the value of the mortgage; thus making huge profits in interest & resulting in your property having an indeterminate number of ‘owners’ scattered around the globe.  This is a simple statement of fact that can be independently verified, which I invite you to do so.
Politicians regularly reach into your bank account and extract your property without ever having received your explicit permission to do so. You call this ‘taxation’ and what has happened in London recently ‘looting’, but there is no fundamental difference between the two, both processes result in the forceful transfer of property.

Got thoughts?

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