Royal isn’t real

The world today appears to be dominated and driven by science and technology, but the reality is that the background level of irrationality, non-sense and absurdity that has dogged humanity since it started creating Gods and governments remains stable; and every now and then there’s even a spike. The ‘royal wedding’ is just such a spike, and the fuel that propels this rocket to planet insanity is the media.
I am absolutely staggered at the amount of people who cannot distinguish between concepts and reality, and/or seemingly can’t be bothered to make the effort to. ‘Royalty’ is a concept. It’s an idea. The fact that some individuals live in palaces, and wear shiny uniforms and crowns is not evidence of the existence of some unique human attribute called ‘royalness’ possessed only by those individuals; it’s simply evidence of a belief in the concept of royalty, as well as being evidence of the coercion and violence their ancestors initiated against others in order to seize wealth and power.
The palaces, stately homes, horse drawn carriages, crown jewels, privileges, power and wealth weren’t awarded to them by some panel of scientists who did some tests and determined that these individuals deserve to have what nobody else has because they are superior beings who possess ‘royalness’. No, their privilege, power and wealth is completely and utterly arbitrary, and merely the direct result of their ancestors’ at some point having an army that was better at slaughtering people than any other opposing army was. This is the truth and it’s not hard to come by. No one need be an expert in history to realise it, all that’s required is to make a small effort to reason and think rationally for a moment.
So it seems to me that there are two kinds of ‘believers’: those who do understand that the ‘royal’ family’s power and privileges are arbitrary, but contradict this by behaving as if ‘royalty’ is a real human attribute and happily wallowing in the pig swill of delusion with others. The other believers are those who do not understand that royalty is just a notion and therefore predictably behave as if the ‘royal family’ possess ‘royalness’, and deserve their privileges. The former is a shameful intellectual treachery committed out of convenience and the latter a tragic deficiency of intellect.
I believe it safe to assume that most of us would prefer war and poverty to end, or at the very least to minimise the capacity for it within our societies. Certainly, if we continue to attend ‘royal’ wedding street parties and buy mugs with pictures of the ‘royal’ couple printed on them, then we continue to perpetuate the delusion of both aristocracy and the benevolence of hierarchical societal power structures, as well as advocate power and privilege gained by violence. For as long as we stay on that irrational path, there can be no rational hope of fostering truly free and peaceful societies. The path we need isn’t far away. To start, all we must do is be willing to look for it.

Got thoughts?

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