I’d like to grab the future by the proverbials

A proverb is defined as, “a brief expression of a general truth, rule or principle of conduct.” In other words it’s a saying, a motto, a maxim, an adage and we all come across them regularly. Here’s some common examples:
A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
The early bird catches the worm.
All is well that ends well.
These sayings have been around for several centuries, if not longer, so what makes them so pervasive? How did they manage to plant such deep roots into the collective conscious?
I think it’s because they are especially non-specific to a particular time or age in history. Anyone, from a Neolithic farmer to a Wall Street trader, could understand the message. Indeed, the very fact that these sayings still exist confirms that humans across numerous historical ages did just that, otherwise these maxims would have become extinct in the gene pool of motto’s long before now. Of course, in addition to having an ageless quality, a very useful thing to do from the point of view of a maxim is to get yourself into the written language.
So, here’s my attempt to have my wisdom echo through the ages. I am about to introduce my maxim into (digitally) recorded language. It may exist already of course, but then no one said this was a precise science. Besides, wisdom is realised not owned. You can’t copyright or put intellectual property rights on wisdom. At least I hope you can’t. Gosh, what a horrible thought. Anyway here goes, this is my adage that I hope will pervade throughout the coming digital ages like mint in a garden:
With a battery spare missed moments will be rare
I do have some concerns for the robustness of my maxim. Technological advancements may limit its lifespan a great deal, or slightly, or somewhat – who knows? We who are witnessing the dawn of the digital age know one thing for sure, digital technology changes – fast – and it’s hard to see why that won’t continue over the next few centuries (unless statism collapses in that time of course, but even then, who knows). If the staying power of batteries increases dramatically anytime time ‘soon’ then it might be curtains for my adage.
My proverb appears quite specific, not Age-less, but I’m betting that the people of the next several centuries will know exactly what the message is.
When all is said and done, I can only send my maxim on its way and hope fortune smiles upon it. Spero vos nunquam intereo. Go maxim go!

Got thoughts?

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